Thursday September 03

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Show #247 - Tommy Keene (9/3/15)
Tommy Keene first gained national attention with his 1983 EP Places That Are Gone, which was a college radio hit, and earned him accolades from the Village Voice, among others.  Since then, Tommy has churned out a catalog of excellent albums, collaborated with Rob Pollard of Guided By Voices, and...
Show #246 - Lloyd Price (8/31/15)
Lloyd Price recorded one of the first rock n' roll songs with "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" in 1952. That record sent shockwaves through black and white audiences alike, and started Price down some uncharted territory.  A successful black entertainer was hard to find in the early Fifties.  He met up against...
Show #245 - Jeff Healey tribute (Holger Peterson) (8/20/15)
We chat with Stony Plain head Holger Peterson about a new Jeff Healey compilation - The Best of the Stony Plain Years.  Healey was an amazingly talented musician, best known for his 1989 top five hit “Angel Eyes.”  He lost his sight at an early age, picked up the guitar...
Show #244 - Jessy J (8/14/15)
Saxophonist Jessy J is one of the hottest stars in Smooth Jazz, she’s hit #1 on the charts several times with her songs, and she’s collaborated with everyone from jazz legend Joe Sample to classic rockers Aerosmith.  She’s just released her fifth album, My One and Only One - her...
Show #243 - Bruce Kulick (7/28/15)
Bruce Kulick is best known for his 12-year, non-makeup stint in KISS - he played on five studio albums, including Asylum, Crazy Nights, Hot in the Shade, Revenge and Carnival of Souls.  He was also featured on the MTV Unplugged video.  Kulick has had a colorful career which included touring...
Show#242 - Tad Robinson (7/2/15)
Indianapolis singer Tad Robinson has a knack for creating soul records that just sound effortless.  We raved about his last record, Back in Style, from 2011.  Now he’s back with another CD called Day Into Night.  Once again, he’s achieved that perfect blend of smooth R&B featuring Robinson’s soulful vocals...

In Tony's Blog

Jeff Healey

Jeff Healey was an amazingly talented musician


Listen to my chat with Stony Plain Records president, Holger Peterson, about Jeff Healey


I was a huge Jeff Healey fan.  His debut album, See the Light, was released just as I was taking over as Music Director of my college radio station, WASU, at Appalachian State.  I think we went six cuts deep on that record - it was just that good.  Yet, it was still a surprise when a year later, “Angel Eyes,” the only ballad on the record, became a surprise Top Five hit in the summer of 1989.  The other thing I remember is having a great Arista radio rep - although I can’t remember her name!


She got us free tickets and backstage passes to Jeff Healey opening for Little Feat at Carowinds (not sure they still have shows there anymore).   I remember from the moment Jeff took the stage, standing in utter awe of his amazing guitar playing.  He played with the instrument on his lap, which gave him a unique ability to bend the strings like no one else.  In a live setting, he was phenomenal.  I remember the set closer being the scorching “See the Light,” where Jeff got up from his chair, started playing the guitar with his teeth, playing behind his back, and eventually started thrashing around the stage.  It brought everyone to their feet.


We got a chance to meet him afterwards, and the first thing I remember was that - he didn’t seem blind to me.  For a brief moment, I actually thought the whole thing was a farce.  Jeff walked around comfortably backstage, picking up a drink and carrying on conversations.  It was only when we were introduced, and we were talking one on one that I could pick out his blindness.  I got his autograph, which was really a hoot, since it was just a couple of scribbles.


Lastly, we went back out to watch Little Feat, but honestly it just sounded like noise.  After being blown away by Healey’s pyrotechnics, I didn’t want any part of this boogie woogie.


I continued to follow Healey’s career, but was disappointed in his followup, Hell to Pay.  “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” sounded like he was getting pressure from the record company to repeat his success.  When I moved on to full-time rock radio at WTUE, we played several of Jeff’s songs.  One Dayton note: he does mention the famed McGuffey’s club in his appearance in the movie Roadhouse.  I never got a chance to see him live again.  After that, he sort of faded from view.


I only discovered Jeff’s alter-ego of classic jazz & blues after his untimely passing in 2008.  This music is so full of positive energy - I’m sure it was incredible to see in person.  —Tony Peters

This Day in History

Thursday, 03 September 1942
Happy Birthday To...

al jardine, guitarist for the Beach BoysBeach Boys guitarist Al Jardine, the only original member not related to each other (the rest were either brothers or cousins).  Jardine sang lead on their #1 hit "Help Me Rhonda."  To hear Beach Boys music on Itunes, click here.

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Random LP of the Day

Cut Pieces: A Tribute to Yoko OnoVarious Artists - Cut Pieces: A Tribute to Yoko Ono (Main Man Records) review

Seriously - one of the best tribute albums we’ve heard in years


View the Amazon entry for this album

The problem with most tribute albums is that they suck.  What was once an unique idea has now been beat to death.  And the end result is usually the same: it just makes you want to go listen to the original artist.  That’s why Cut Pieces: A Tribute to Yoko Ono is such a welcome surprise.  An eclectic array of artists each give their individual spin on this polarizing figure’s music.  What you get is a great collection of songs - whether you like Yoko Ono or not.


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