Tuesday December 06

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Show #282 - Jody Stephens of Big Star (11/1/16)
Big Star’s first two LPs were full of chiming guitars, heavy drums and melodic hooks, yet somehow both albums failed to meet the high expectations.  Those failures loomed large as Alex Chilton and Jody Stephens went to work on their next project.  Eventually called Third or Sister Lovers, the songs...
Show #281 - Seth Walker (10/27/16)
Remember when an album was a collection of great songs that you wanted to play over and over?  Seth Walker does, and he's recently issued Gotta Get Back, his ninth album, full of his signature soul-blues hybrid.  The new record finds him returning to his roots, enlisting family members to...
Show #280 - John Hall (10/21/16)
John Hall has been able to live two distinctly different lives.  In one, he led the Seventies soft-rock outfit Orleans, co-writing their two big hits “Dance With Me” and “Still the One.”  In the other, he was a US Representative for New York’s 19th District from 2007 to 2011. John’s...
Show #279 - Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches (9/29/16)
Well, they say that everything old is new again - that holds true for Banjo Nickaru & the Western Scooches, who have combined elements of country, bluegrass, western swing, rockabilly, and Dixieland jazz.  The result is an infectious blend of styles that will get you dancing.  They’ve just issued a...
Show #278 - Tiffany (9/22/16)
Singer Tiffany had phenomenal success at an unbelievably young age.  Her debut album went quadruple platinum when she was only 15 years old.  That record yielded back to back number one hits with the Tommy James’ cover “I Think We’re Alone Now,” and “Could’ve Been.”  Other hits followed, including the...
Show #277 - Stephen Bishop (9/20/16)
Singer/songwriter Stephen Bishop scored several hit songs in the 70’s & 80’s like “Save it For a Rainy Day,” “On & On,” and “It Might Be You.”  He wrote songs for many other artists, including “Separate Lives,” a #1 hit for Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin.  He’s part of one...

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Seth Walker - Natalie's in Columbus (concert review)

Seth Walker - Natalie’s - Worthington, OH (11/14/16)

A surprising-for-a-Sunday-night, sold out crowd gathered to hear great music and eat delicious pizza

Seth Walker started out as a fairly typical blues musician.  But, over time, he’s developed an unique style - call it groove blues - and it was on full display during a recent Columbus performance.


This Day in History

Saturday, 06 December 1969
Gimme Shelter

the stones at altamontThe free concert at Altamont Speedway in California was held.  Headlining were the Rolling Stones, along with Jefferson Airplane, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, the Flying Burrito Brothers and Santana.  The concert will forever be known for the rash of violence that broke out between certain members of the Hell's Angels and the crowd.  One fan, Meredith Hunter, was stabbed to death after pulling out a gun and pointing it at the stage.  Hear the Icon Fetch interview with Sam Cutler, who was the Rolling Stones manager at the time and who helped plan the ill-fated event.

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