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Monkeyjunk - Moon Turn RedMonkeyjunk - Moon Turn Red (Stony Plain) review

The Canadian trio comes into their own on their fourth release


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Blues, rock, funk - you’ll find elements of it all on Moon Turn Red, the new album from Monkeyjunk.  But, what sets this record apart from their earlier releases is that everything blends together in a cohesive sound.  The result is their strongest album to date.


Marshall Crenshaw - #392: The EP CollectionMarshall Crenshaw - #392: The EP Collection (Addie-ville Records) review

The best of his 2-year EP subscription series


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In 2013, Marshall Crenshaw came up with the clever idea to abandon making records in favor of releasing shorter EP's.  He encouraged his fans to subscribe to a series of singles, each containing four songs, which were released over about a 2 year period.  He recorded a total of six said sets and has decided to release the best of the run as #392: The EP Collection.

Tommy Keene - Laugh in the DarkTommy Keene - Laugh in the Dark (Second Motion) review

12th long player from gifted melodic songwriter


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Laugh in the Dark is the finest Tommy Keene album in years.  The guitars are louder, and the hooks seem to sink in deeper this time around.  Perhaps immersing himself in his influences on his covers album, Excitement at Your Feet, which we reviewed back in 2013, helped reconnect him with the reason he picked up the guitar in the first place.

Doors - Other Voices / Full CircleThe Doors - Other Voices / Full Circle (Rhino) review

First time on CD, the Doors try to carry on after Morrison's death


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Replacing any lead singer can be a difficult task.  If that person happens to be Jim Morrison, one of the greatest frontmen is all of rock, it’s damn-near impossible.  That's the quandary the surviving members of the Doors found themselves in after their enigmatic vocalist was found dead in July of 1971.  Instead of finding a new singer, the remaining band carried on as a trio, releasing a pair of albums - 1971's Other Voices, and 1972's Full Circle.  These two records have never been released on CD.   Rhino records has just remedied that fact - remastering both LP's in a 2-disc set.

Peter Frampton - PremonitionPeter Frampton - When All the Pieces FitPeter Frampton - NowPeter Frampton - reissues (Omnivore Recordings) review


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Just in time for Peter Frampton's first-ever acoustic tour, Omnivore Recordings has just issued three of his albums that have long been out of print: Premonition (1985), When All the  Pieces Fit (1989), and Now (2003).

John Faye - Box SetJohn Faye - Box Set / USB Bracelet (It Keeps Evolving) review

Never before has so much great music fit on such a small device

John Faye has been consistently writing melodic songs for over 20 years now.  Yet, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard his music.  His first band, The Caulfields, were signed to A&M Records for a pair of under-appreciated albums in the mid-Nineties.  After that, Faye has largely self-financed his musical endeavors, with the help of some of his more rabid fans.  He’s just released a “box set” of sorts on his website, johnfaye.com, culling together all of his recordings, plus a treasure trove of bonus material.

Groove & Grind: Rare Soul '63-'73Various Artists - Groove & Grind: Rare Soul ’63-’73 (Rockbeat Records) review

If you call yourself a fan of soul music, you need to own this set


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Rockbeat Records has just done the impossible with the release of Groove & Grind: Rare Soul ’63-’73 - they’ve assembled a 4-CD box set containing over 100 vintage soul songs - and almost every one of them is making its debut on CD.  And, while you might think this is probably “bottom of the barrel” material, the exact opposite is true - prepare to be knocked out.

Loveland Duren - "Johnny Boy"Loveland Duren - “Johnny Boy” (Edgewood Recordings) review


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The Memphis music community endured a huge loss in late 2014 with the passing of both John Hampton and John Fry within six days of each other.  The former was a producer and co-owner of Ardent Studios, the latter was the studio’s founder.  As a way of handling their grief, the duo of Vicki Loveland and Van Duren penned “Johnny Boy” as a loving tribute to both men.

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