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Our take on some of the latest material from a variety of artists.

Phil Collins - No Jacket Required (Deluxe Edition)Phil Collins - No Jacket Required (Deluxe Edition) (Atlantic/WEA) review


Phil at the top


No Jacket Required, Phil Collins’ third solo album, was the pinnacle of his career; completing his transformation from prog rock drummer to international pop star.   The record occupied the #1 spot on Billboard’s Albums Chart for seven weeks in 1985, selling upwards of 12 million copies in the States alone.  It also won a Grammy for Album of the Year. Warner Brothers has just issued the original album in remastered form, with a second disc of bonus material.


Larry Young - In Paris: The ORTF RecordingsLarry Young - In Paris: The ORTF Recordings (Resonance) review


He jammed with Hendrix and played on Miles’ Bitches Brew


One of the drawbacks of streaming being the primary way we get music now, is that LP jackets and CD booklets helped us get deeper into the music: liner notes, lyrics and photos helped paint a more vibrant picture of the music contained within.  One record label that is trying to keep the physical aspect of music alive is Resonance Records - and their latest release, Larry Young’s In Paris: The ORTF Recordings is a prime example of their brilliance.

Emitt Rhodes - Rainbow EndsEmitt Rhodes - Rainbow Ends (Omnivore) review


After a 40-year absence, a master tunesmith returns


Rhodes may not be on your radar, but he should be.  A promising songwriter in the early Seventies, he released a string of highly-praised albums that, for some reason, didn’t sell (if you’re a fan of Beatlesque pop - these are essential listening).  After an ugly battle with his record company, he walked away mid-decade, vowing never to do music again.  It took the prodding of several younger musicians to coax the reclusive Rhodes out of retirement.

Stan Getz - Moments in TimeStan Getz - Moments in Time (Resonance) review


A jazz legend at the top of his game in a never-before heard live performance


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This disc is a companion to Getz/Gilberto ’76, and features performances recorded during the same week-long stint at the Keystone Korner in San Francisco - but this time the spotlight is trained on the legendary saxophonist and his fabulous accompanying trio.

Getz/Gilberto '76Stan Getz / Joäo Gilberto - Getz/Gilberto ’76 (Resonance Records) review


Never-before released live date features the legendary duo in a rare reunion


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Stan Getz and Joäo Gilberto single-handedly helped the worldwide spread of bossa nova through their breakout album, 1964’s Getz/Gilberto.  Yet, surprisingly the two would rejoin only a handful of times after.  Resonance Records recently discovered tapes of the duo during a week-long stand at the Keystone Korner in San Francisco and have released them as Getz/Gilberto ’76.

Michael Jackson - Off the Wall (Deluxe Edition)Michael Jackson - Off the Wall (Deluxe Edition) (Epic/Legacy) review


MJ’s first solo album as an adult is arguably his best


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Face it: Michael Jackson was so good for so long, that we took him for granted.  The fact that he was able to transition from that cute little eleven-year old that fronted the Jackson 5 on the Ed Sullivan Show, to worldwide popstar, is an occurrence that deserves more accolades.  The fortuitous teaming with producer Quincy Jones created lightning in a bottle: Off the Wall still stands as a groundbreaking fusion of R&B and pop, even if it’s consistently overshadowed by its successor, Thriller.

Lee Michaels - Heighty Hi - The Best ofLee Michaels - Heighty Hi - The Best of Lee Michaels (Manifesto) review


This set proves that Michaels was a lot more than an “one-hit-wonder”


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There are dozens of artists from the 1960’s & 70’s who released many high-charting albums, yet are only remembered for a single song, thus earning the title of “one-hit-wonder.”  One such artist is Lee Michaels, and a new collection from Manifesto Records proves that there was a lot more to the organist/vocalist than his lone hit, “Do You Know What I Mean,” from 1971.

Phil Collins - Hello, I Must Be Going! (remaster)Phil Collins - Hello, I Must Be Going! (Deluxe Edition) (Atlantic) review


Collins' sophomore album shows him developing as a solo artist


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When Phil Collins went in to record his second solo album, Hello, I Must Be Going, things had changed drastically in about 18 months: his debut record, Face Value, was a surprise hit, with the nascent network MTV embracing “In the Air Tonight,” and putting it in heavy rotation.  Plus, his band, Genesis, had released their biggest album to date, ABACAB.  The original album has been remastered and paired with a bonus disc of live tracks and demos.

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